About Dimaco


The year was 1988. A dozen eggs cost 65 cents, the movie Beetlejuice released in theaters, and Michael Jackson scored 5th on the billboards for his hit single “Bad.” It was in this same year that our Dimaco (Direct, Mail, Company) was founded. At the time medium to small businesses were at a disadvantage with Direct Mail.


Companies looking to utilize this media would have to be the mediators between both the Printers and the Post Office. Often mail pieces would run short and the Post Office and the Printers would argue with each other while the client just sat in the middle. 


Enter Dimaco. We created a turnkey approach to Direct Mail Advertising. We make your life easier by being both the printer and the mailer. We bridge the gap.


We save our clients more money in the long run. It used to be that in order to do Direct Mail Advertising you’d have to hire someone who knew maybe a little or a lot about it. A company would have to pay their Direct Mail Service cost, and they’d have to pay that person regardless if they mailed all year round or not. But with Dimaco you cut the middleman out, and get on demand Direct Mail Advertising printed and mailed for you.


We have all the expertise, equipment and muscle to get your project done. With our Mail Shop, Digital Printers, and Offset Press we have over 20 pieces of printing and mailing equipment that allow for fast turn times. And we’re still growing.

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