Get to know the Dimaco Team

Once you get past the line and into Mark’s office, you realize the dirtier his desk the busier he is. Wednesday is his favorite night to work late, because the cleaning crew comes that evening and will take away all his trash. It’s great watching Mark’s creative wheels spin while he’s working with our clients developing their direct marketing plans. With over 25 years’ experience in the direct marketing industry, he’s either very good at what he does or just plain crazy! Mark loves to travel, mixing music, throwing parties, and wishes it snowed more in Dallas. His whole family can be spotted every Friday, riding around the neighborhood in their golf cart!

Ken’s love of music and printing will be made apparent in your first conversation. His knowledge of the printing industry will amaze you. When he’s not writing up job tickets he enjoys playing music and spending time with his family and dogs.   If you’re a classic rock fan… ask Ken who he has played with! Here is a clue, he grew up in Cleveland.

nancy jpeg

Nancy has a contagious laugh and a smile that lights up the room. Nancy enjoys cars – she has bought and sold over five cars this year alone! While not busy at work she likes to spend time with her three boys. She can’t decide which is harder; chasing her twins around the apartment or running around our office. Stop by and say hi!


Robert, a Dallas area native, brings over 20 years’ experience in the printing industry to the party. Robert is our production rock star! He manages and coordinates the work flow, enforces strict quality control procedures, and ensures nothing leaves the building unless it meets the standard of excellence our customers have come to expect. When he’s not at Dimaco, he enjoys spending time with family, tropical fish, shooting pool, and golfing.

DJ blends his experience of hardware and software dynamics to perform magic on your mailing list. His expertise helps us get your mail campaigns to the market as soon as possible. DJ is a sensible man that looks carefully at life’s options and steers the most interesting path. Obviously, while dealing with lists he has become very good at splitting, purging, appending, and mapping.  He is the list doctor, with all the quality and reputation you would expect only from a Hollywood plastic surgeon.


Christina is a Kansas native who couldn’t get to Texas fast enough! She has three lovable kids and is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and NASCAR, “Boogity, boogity, boogity!” When she’s not taking care of our wonderful customers she enjoys relaxing with a refreshing craft beer. She’s a connoisseur!


Joseph has spent his life between Texas and Florida. He’s been working in print for the last 5 years and happily admits, he’s found his niche. Joseph holds the most coveted position at Dimaco –keeping the front office in check! He makes sure all projects move seamlessly from the front of the house into production.  Joseph loves the outdoors, everything from backpacking, rock climbing, biking, to long walks on the beach. Move over, Gordon Ramsey, he’s also a home chef!


Originally from Oklahoma, Patrick has spent the last 23 years in the great state of Texas. He has invested several years developing his career in sales and customer relations, working in different industries from oil and gas to online advertising, even fiber optics!  When he’s not out chasing a lead, or glued to his phone, Patrick enjoys restoring old boats to their former glory and day dreams of someday living on his own slice of heaven, a catamaran in the Caribbean. No shoes, no shirt, no problems.

Tricia is a Native Texan, the newest addition to the Dimaco Team. With over 20 years in the printing industry has taught her how to meet and exceed each customers expectations. On her time off she enjoys weekend getaways and long romantic walks to the shoe department.

Stephanie was born in Arkansas, but spent most of her life here in Texas. When she is not here digging for leads she is home taking care of her 4 beautiful children and husband.  She is a big fan of sports, whether it’s watching her son on the field or cheering on the Cowboys and Rangers.

LeAnna has been in the print industry over 20 years in various media and formats in the DFW area. Family and loyalty are also very important to her in life. For her creativity is the name of the game. Making good art and making art look good is key. Along with being in computer graphics, being creative is a hobby, which takes many forms and medias. Seeing inspiration in life and being amazed at what you can create. Be inspired!


Kristina aka Whit, is originally from the DC area and has been in Texas for the last 23 years. Yes, she is a natural redhead and is very fiery. Whit has been in financial industry for the last 5 years and has recently joined our team here at Dimaco. She has 2 beautiful and crazy kids that keep her non-stop busy. When she does get free time, you can usually find her at a country bar 2-stepping and being spun around the dance floor. “Tequila is always the answer!”