Direct Mail Coupons 

Direct Mail Coupons 

Direct Mail Coupons 


Whether you and I personally use them or not coupons are a big deal. For years consumers have grown accustomed to using them. 88% of consumers surveyed by advertising and marketing company Valassis use paper coupons they’ve received in the mail. 


Retailers have even tried to wean consumers off of them but have seen little success. Back in 2012 the once retail Titan JC Penney tried to stop using coupons and they saw a sharp decline in sales of  23%. 


They quickly realized that coupons didn’t in fact lose them money, but instead incentivized people to walk through the doors and not only buy discounted products, but also products they would have otherwise bought some place else.


Important Coupon Stats


  • The group that uses paper coupons the most are millennial parents – 96%. Out of all respondents, baby boomers represent the smallest share (89%) of consumers that use paper coupons.


  • Consumers use paper coupons from direct mail nearly 10 percent more than those printed from a computer—accounting for 79 percent of consumers.  


  • Over 90% of all consumers have used coupons in some way. 


  • 50% of consumers prefer to get coupons in the mail. Half of your audience isn’t worth ignoring


  • 91% of all consumers use paper coupons. Although digital coupons are thriving, people will still prefer coupons they can hold for the foreseeable future.


If your competitors are using coupons in their marketing then we strongly suggest that you begin to incorporate it. The percentage of customers using them and the potential money you are leaving on the table may be more than you believe. 

Of course with every business decision there are pros and cons. With coupons it’s no different. Coupons allow you to bring in new clientele. You can introduce new products, and the benefits of your company. However the con being is that in order to bring in this new business you lose a percentage of sales. Doing your due diligence and making sure you are able to turn a profit before incorporating coupons is critical. But if done right the upside potential for using Direct Mail Coupons is enormous.

Feel free to contact us here at Dimaco if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business grow through Direct Mail Advertising.


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