Direct mail lists

Direct Mail Lists

Direct Mail Lists

Creating an Effective Direct Mail List


Your Direct Mail List is possibly the single most important element to an effective direct mail effort. Your response rates absolutely depend upon it. In fact, 40% of your direct mail success relates to your mailing list. 

 To ensure you have the right list, start by PROFILING the contact you wish to market to through direct mail. The magic here is to define a target list large enough to meet your business goals, yet small enough you can afford to touch the list at least 4 times. 

Market Profile Example 

direct mail lists by zipcode

Keep in mind you don’t have to create a “Market Profile.” But being able to visualize who your customer is and what they enjoy will empower you to create a campaign that answers their wants and needs.

There are generally three types of lists—customers, prospects or leads, and suspects.

Customers are the people who have purchased your services or product before. Prospect and leads are those who meet the same demographic and psychographics of your customers. They may have even purchased similar products to yours before as well.  Suspects are cold leads or people you have never contacted before. 

For example if you open a new restaurant and you want to advertise to people in the surrounding areas near the establishment then your whole list will be suspect. 

Remember, your response will always be higher, the more familiar the contact is with you. Specifically, your customer mailings will pull significantly higher response rates than the colder suspect lists. 

Next, determine the COMPLETENESS of the list. This can be tedious, but scour the list for duplicates and make sure you have a complete name, address, etc. This step will save you money and make the overall campaign much more effective. If you don’t know how to organize a Direct Mail List by zip code, or how to get rid of duplicates or suppress the list then Dimaco can help. 



direct mail lists by zip code

 Finally, make sure your Direct Mail List is as ACCURATE as possible. Any money spent mailing to undeliverable contacts is wasted investment. You can expect anywhere between 2-10% of records to be undeliverable. Account for that in your projections and do everything you can to mitigate the costs.

Ask your list brokers for an accuracy guarantee and be sure to update your database with the new addresses provided by the post office as you get mailers returned. Also, consider running the list through an Address Verification System, such as CASS Certification, for further cleansing. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Dimaco can provide you with Direct Mail Lists By Zip Code, by age, by household income and more. We even provide data cleansing services to ensure your list is accurate and full proof. 


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