Direct Mail Postcards

Direct Mail Postcards


Direct Mail Postcards


So you want to send Direct Mail Postcard advertisements? Dimaco has been in the Direct Mail Advertising business for over 30 years. We know a thing or two about Postcards, and how to optimize them to be the most effective. Below are our recommendations for the perfect postcard.


1. The List 

First before you think of sending out any type of Direct Mail Postcards, or any mailers, you need a Direct Mail List. A list of all the addresses you want to send. This could be a list of 100,000 or a smaller list of 1000. The key is to know who your primary audience is.

For example, if you’re a school then consider pulling a Direct Mail List of parents with children between the ages of 4-10. If you’re a restaurant consider mailing to the homes and apartments that are in the same Zip Code as your establishment.

If you don’t have a Direct Mail List consider partnering with a Direct Mail company like Diamco. Most Direct Mail Advertising companies have databases where they can get specific about your niche and pull a strong list of potential customers.


2. The Direct Mail Postcard Size

A Direct Mail Postcard can come in many different sizes and shapes. The most common size for a postcard is a 6in x 9in. However you’ll also see them in other sizes like a 6×11, 5.5×8.5, 5×7, or 4×6.

direct mail postcards

To save money on postage it’s better to mail a 6×11 or smaller. Going any larger will cost you more on postage. The post office has a lot of “what ifs.” For instance, if your postcard is larger than a 6×11, and the address you’ve printed on it is no longer in the correct location, then it no longer can be processed as an “autoletter.”

Meaning their machines cannot read it as fast as other letters and postcards because it doesn’t meet the Post Office’s specified ratios. However, there is a chance to mail it as an auto flat but that’s a whole other story.

All that’s a bit technical, but just keep it simple and use a Direct Mail Postcard that’s 6×11 or smaller.


3. The Paper.

The paper you put your Direct Mail Postcard on is critically important. Not only to your company’s brand image, but to the durability of the mail piece.

So many bad circumstances can occur.

Your Direct Mail Postcard could get bent by the Post Office. It could be dropped in the mud accidentally while it’s raining. It could tear because the paper isn’t thick enough. Due to all of these potential hazards, and much more that haven’t been mentioned, there is an industry standard as to what kind of paper is used for a typical Direct Mail Postcard.

The best paper to go with is either #100 gloss cover or #100 silk cover. Keep in mind that these are not read as “Number 100 gloss cover or number 100 silk cover.” They are read as, “100 pound gloss cover and 100 pound silk cover.” The “#100” refers to the thickness of the paper.

Gloss and Silk refer to the finish of the paper. Most companies go with Gloss because the colors usually pop more on that paper. However, many companies opt to go with Silk Cover paper because the finish and feel is much more matte, and sleek.

Many times when business go through an online Direct Mail vendor they will recommend #80 gloss cover paper, but realistically anything below #100 cover paper feels flimsy.

Imagine your customer gets 3 Direct Mail Postcards in the mail. One of them is yours which is printed on #80 gloss cover and your competitions are #100 gloss cover.

There will be a clear difference in weight and feel of your postcard and it will feel cheap. Its worth spending a few extra cents on each mail piece to print on #100 Gloss Cover.


4. The Design and The Message

Keep it simple. Have one message.

  Too many messages and too busy.                                                       Super simple, and easy for you customer’s to read. 

direct mail postcards

People see tons of advertisements a day. Both print and digital. There no exact number but it’s estimated that we see around 6,000-10,000 per day. If you are trying to convey more than one thing you will more than likely have too much text on your postcard and the design will be compromised.

Have a specific message you want to communicate, and keep the design simple.

In Short

Here’s our recommendation for the perfect Direct Mail Postcard.

#100 Gloss Cover paper, 6in x 11in or smaller, with one specific message.

If you want Direct Mail Postcards made and mailed for you with ease contact us here at Dimaco and get an estimate.

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