Advertising and consulting agencies, love our work.   They marvel at the clean facilities and new equipment.  Bringing clients to our facility is a positive reflection on the decision to work with Dimaco.

With all eyes on quality and proper mail execution, clients are assured of a smooth production experience. The integration of Dimaco’s unique marketing programs bring an added level of sophistication to marketing campaigns.


Dimaco drives traffic to dealerships. We incorporate sophisticated trigger data and target mapping to customize the messaging and reach the auto enthusiast.  Using interactive promotions like scratch-offs and contest verification to generate buyer profiles and fill the sales pipeline.  Dealer provided data is used in creating unique custom mailers along with detailed service offers.  Price matters and our in-house production facility assures extremely competitive pricing and fast turn-a-round. Take a test drive, you’ll be sold.


Education is big business; every student is highly sought after.   Dimaco helps universities, public, private charter, technical and exam prep schools register more students.  Many times, recruitment takes multiple touch points.  Using sophisticated data collection techniques like our Knock Knock program allows us to close in on interested students at the right time with the correct message.  Enroll today.


Image and data security are paramount in the financial sector.  You must present a quality piece that portrays stability and excellence.  We have extensive SOP procedures in place to safe guard PII (Personal Identification Information).  Our data procedures are regularly tested, updated and enhanced.  We take security of client’s data seriously while producing top quality printing and mailing services.  Dimaco is the perfect combination.


Dimaco streamlines franchise print management from order processing to billing.  This benefit relieves the stress on the corporate marketing team and provides enhanced production options for the franchisee.  Our extensive production capabilities allow us to produce in volume and customize down to one.  Providing the benefit of quantity discount pricing yet the freedom of franchisee customization.   Dimaco extends the franchise model value to printing and direct mail.


Health buyers are hungry for information.  Customized communication drastically increases response rates and conversion.  We use complex trigger data to customize messages and more importantly provide pertinent information for each reader.  These triggers must be supported with a robust data base management program and viable collection sources. Dimaco knows how to implement proper collection and data farming to insure a consistent and steady outreach program, that generates a healthy business.


At Dimaco we partner to support your mission.  A non-profits greatest asset is its data base of donors.  Donors support the mission.  Dimaco can work to build and supplement the data for more effective fundraising and mission support.  This can include developing proper print templates, creating proper ask amounts, donor specific messages, and effective acquisition campaigns.  Dimaco knows how to raise money.  Ask for a copy our non-profit marketing program.


Dimaco considers anything that has a location where clients come to as retail.  The goal is driving traffic to the store.  First look where your clients are coming from and who are your clients.  Dimaco’s interactive maps can show you exactly where your customers live.  From here we attack and dominate.  We entice, we make it easy, we make it fun – we create a reason to visit.  It takes more than just a postcard, but a postcard works!


Are you a drive to destination?  Will hungry customers pass 3 similar restaurants to come to yours?  This means defend your turf, work the 3- mile radius around your location, build customer loyalty, incentivize people to try your place.  We can get them to your restaurant but only you can make them return.  Your mailer should use data capture, coupon codes, mapping, trigger data, food pictures and a map.   Mix it all in and you got a recipe for a successful direct mail campaign.

Real Estate

Local relator owning the neighborhood to large developers creating acres of dreams.   Dimaco will let the people see what you got.  Large purchases take time to develop.  Time also means build data, buyers not ready today are tomorrows buyers. Collect data – use landing pages Knock Knock, offer non-committal information, follow-up, identify secondary buying triggers and most importantly keep them nibbling until they are ready to bite.  Dimaco offers large print runs for the giant weekend sale, drip campaigns to keep them nibbling and regular branding mailers to keep your name top of the mind.


Time is critical in the service business – Customers need it now.  We utilize several programs to enhance direct mail response rates. Based on speed and enhanced probability of need we use customized programs to generate likely prospects. Our Plus + 10 program generates a list from a current customer, by selecting the next 10 closets neighbors a great hot lead source.  We track customers visiting your web page and mail out a postcard the next morning knock knock. Prospect gets a printed offer in their hands within days.  Dimaco delivers leads for service business.


Looking for superior quality print, fast turn times, sophisticated abilities at a great price.  Dimaco has it covered.  Dimaco meets or exceeds all the insurance coverage required at state and federal levels, SOP procedures are in place and great references from other agencies at the federal, state and city level.  Small to large volume, simple to complex… Dimaco can delivery.


Generating leads and filling the pipeline.  Dimaco utilizes mail delivery tracking to keep clients appraised of in home delivery.   Scheduled drops are on time utilizing drop shipments and local entry points to assure timely delivery and efficient lead flow for each office.   Agents using calculated rates with formulas to simple cards, Dimaco manages the program effortlessly so clients can focus on growing their business.

Additional marketing response data is available utilizing Dimaco Interactive Maps, coupon tracking and Contest Verification.  Dimaco’s experience makes this franchise.