Tips to make sure your print files print properly



Bleeds – Make sure your file includes bleeds.  If you want the image to print off the edge of the paper, you need to include bleeds.  The preferred bleed is 1/8″, .125″.  This will add a 1/4″ to the size of your document.  Creating Bleeds


Fonts & Images – Make sure you have gathered and collected all the fonts you are using along with photos and graphics.    Packaging Instructions


PDF Creation – Creating a proper PDF for print ready files.  Your PDF should print at a high resolution and include bleeds. Should you have an issue creating your PDF please let us know – so we look to address the problem.  PDF Creation

Printing Tips – Make sure your file is built as CYMK, RGB will print darker when it is converted to CYMK.  Changing your file at the native layer will provide a cleaner print quality.  This is also important for your photos, convert each photo to CYMK, prior to outputting your file to print.  Print Tips