Pro tips

How do I create a print ready PDF?

Creating a print ready PDF can be done very easily from your native software application such as Adobe Indesign or Illustrator. It’s important to provide a high resolution, print ready PDF to ensure the best quality finished product from your print service provider. DIMACO encourages you to contact us if you have any questions about making a print ready PDF from your native application.

The following steps will ensure a quality print ready PDF from any Adobe application.



From the “File” menu select “EXPORT”



Select where you would like to save your PDF and select “Save”




Select the preset “High Quality Print” and scroll down to “Marks and Bleeds”

Select “Use Document Bleed Settings” if you have already set them up in your master document layout. If not add the value .125 in all the bleed setting boxes. (Note: you must extend your art past the bleed settings in order for the bleeds to show up. See our other post about bleed if you have any questions.)




Select “Export” . It’s always a good idea to check your finished PDF to ensure everything looks the way you planned and the bleed settings are correct.