Data Processing Services

Our data services complement our print and mail to help you make the most of your direct marketing.


DIMACO uses quality lists from reputable companies only. We spend extra time on data processing to be sure all lists are compatible. If the list is yours, we offer database cleansing services so your information stays accurate, current and well-organized.


Data plays such an important part in direct mail.  Dimaco invest heavily in the software tools to maximize your postal savings along with database management tools to clean, modify and track your data.  The better a client’s data the better the targeting.  Take advantage of trigger data, to incorporate target messages and graphics and watch response rates soar.


Data collection from Dimaco interactive programs will help collect data and be incorporated into client’s data bases.   Now with all that data we can use Dimaco’s firepower to create truly one-to-one communication with clients and prospects.


Maximize postal savings and delivery times with drop shipments and localized postal entries.  Ask Dimaco to review your postal work to make sure you’re getting all the savings you should.  Clean up data files, merge, purge, CASS, justify fields, case data, build salutation fields are just a few of the services we can perform.