Mail Services

List Building 


We do everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Your mailing list is the most important thing about your campaign. If you do not currently have a customer database of addresses then Dimaco can pull a custom and highly targeted one for you. We are able to create a mailing list specific for your niche.


For example, lets say you’re a school wanting to increase enrollment. Dimaco can generate a mailing list of homes, within a 15 mile radius of your school, that only have parents with the potential students in the necessary age range. 



We have the ability to print and mail all of your pieces. Whether it’s 1 -1,000,000. We print all types of mail including postcards, letters, fold outs, brochures, flats, and more.  


Let us know what you are considering and in what amount and we can give you a no cost estimate. 


If you’re not certain feel free to reach out and we can give you advice on what would work best for your business and what your current competition is doing so you can stand out.