Online Services

When using Direct Mail you always want a call to action that allows you to track your mail’s performance. Dimaco can to do this for you and provide effective reporting on your mailing list. 


Customer Retention


When your business’ phone number is on a mail piece and someone calls your company you need to be able to track that. We can link a custom phone number to your company’s current phone number. That way when they call you’ll know what mail piece they’re calling from, and what phone number they used. This enables you to have more retention. You now have a list of customers that you’re able to follow up with at any time. 


Digital Advertisements


68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increases website visits. Pairing your Direct Mail ads with digital advertisements is a powerful tactic. Dimaco can run digital advertisements in the same radius as your Direct Mail campaigns, with targeted demographics and psychographics. This allows for an orchestrated approach that will leave a strong impression on your customers and increase your conversions rates. 


Street View


A great option for those in the home services industry. When we pull a mailing list for your Direct Mail campaign we can simultaneously print a picture of their home on that mailer. This works great when businesses are inquiring about potentially buying the property from the current owner.