The Benefits of Direct Mail

The Benefits of Direct Mail

1. Tangible Asset. Most companies have incorporated digital into their campaigns. Which arguably everyone should do due to the fact that we spend so much of our time on computers. However, having an advertisement piece that your customer can hold and potentially even use, like coupons, allows you to stand out from your competition.


Especially when paired with digital allowing for an orchestrated approach. 98% of people check their mails daily in the US. 90% of mail pieces are opened compared to email which sits at around 20%-30%. Direct mail also requires 20% less cognitive function than reading an email. 

2. Cost Effective. Digital advertisements on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin in and google,. Can get highly expensive the more targeted you get, and volume lessens. The average CPC for each platform is as follows:


Facebook CPC: $1.72 an average for all industries 

Instagram CPC:  $.50-$3.00

Linkedin CPC: $3.00-$24.00

Google CPC: $1.00-$100.00+


All prices depend on your industry. However with Direct Mail regardless of your industry paper and postage stays the same cost. A Direct Mail piece ranges in prices only based on the volume not industry. It’s not weird to see mail pieces cost anywhere from between $.08 – $1, including postage, based on how much is being printed. There’s no world where a highly targeted mail piece will cost you $50 per lead like with google. Unless you’re sending your customers a gift that costs you $48 and some change. 


3. Tracking. The ability to track the consumer journey via direct mail is widely available. Many companies do this through their call to action. A second phone number can be set up that’s linked to the original business phone number. That way any and all people who call that number can be recorded as potential leads. Dimaco can offer this service.

In addition to that one can also have a website link or a special qr code on the mailer. Creating a qr code is free and easy these days. Pairing your call to action with a landing page is ideal.


If you have any questions feel free to reachout to Dimaco for any of your printing and Direct Mail needs. 




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